Thursday, June 10, 2004

..Sacrifices, Flies and Foreigners..

It has been some time since I wrote. I guess it is because I am bogged down with assignments and work from college. Done with a few assignments, so I can relax and breathe, for awhile at least. Time seems to be passing by so quickly.. Almost everyday I have classes where Possum sends me and picks me up and then I basically spend the day with Possum or I go home and do whatever work I have to do and then I see him. *grin* (The arrangement we have works really well) Its strange how we never get bored of each other. We seem to know more about each other and the time we spend together is never enough.. Strange!!!

Today was my first day at work for ‘Flies and Foreigners’. Didn’t get to see the whole play, but I will probably get to catch it tomorrow or some other day. Work was boring, but it was nice having dinner with all the cast and crew on stage. For now I think that’s the closet I will get to the stage.. hehehe.. Will be having my poetry reading thingy at the end of July so that is something to look forward too. I get nervous when I think about it, but then I think it is a good platform to start reading and taking my writing seriously. I have sent some work out to people and so far the comments have been encouraging. My lecturer has set aside some time for me so that he can talk to me about my poetry. How nice. There is also a public speaking contest in college, which I might be taking part in. the prize money is RM500. Sure could use the mullah!!!

I was just thinking today as Possum drove me home about the numerous sacrifices people make for me. My parents for giving up their own dreams to send me to college and to provide for my family. Possum for giving up his sleep and his time so that he can send me to and from college and work and his dedication towards my well being. My friends who sometimes do things for me because they know how much it means to me even though it is the last thing that they want to do. I nearly cried when Possum said that he it didn’t matter that he had to send me or pick me up anywhere I went.. he just felt better knowing that I was with him or that I was home safe and sound, that I was okay. Possum is like so super sweet.. never thought he would be like this, but I can’t say that I am not happy. I am super happy.. (smiles smiles smiles)


HabitualDamnation said...

wolves would eat possums but it's just too damn stinky as food.

Brian said...

now you know we are heng tai, you and i, HD... but don't be mean. obviously our friend here is very happy and she deserves to be. don't pour cold water on her new found joy.

i'm sure if you could find someone who can keep you happy, you want for your friends to approve of it too. and i am not talking about getting validation, just that having your friends tumpang your kegembiraan is important to the antagonist lar...

Well done, Joanne. do continue to keep us a-breast of your latest developments, a'ight?


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