Thursday, June 03, 2004

A glimpse at the past..

Today I caught a glimpse of the past, not mine but the past of my folks. I have to say that it was strange to hear that they did the things that I did, and they actually had friends and had a good time. Not that my parents are 'stick-in-the-mud' type people, its just that they very much keep to themselves and it always seemed to me that they never were 'fun' people. I see it occasionally in them, but more often then not, they are just 'boring' I guess. Ok, maybe I am being a little harsh, they aren't that 'boring' but, well lets just say that they will not get the prize for the "most happening parents" in the world.

Those of you who have met my parents and have actually sat down and talked to them will know that they are very pleasant and down to earth people who love to laugh and my dad, well he makes the corniest jokes ever (I think I may have inherited that trait from him *grin*).My mum, well people say that I look alot like her, and I think I do as well. She is some what like Lorelai Gilmore (the mum in Gilmore Girls) in terms of how close she and I are. We talk alot and we share our problems and such, though there are things that I can't tell her and there are some thing which she shouldn't tell me but she does which makes me just worry and panic and wonder 'Why tell me? I don't want to know..!) But then I realize that I should be happy about that, that they she is so comfortable with me that she can tell me all these things.. and yeah, I have to admit, many girls would love to have the kind of relationship that I have with my mum and yes, with my dad as well.

Well, back to the past of my folks, today as I we sat down to have dinner, my parents met with one of their old friends, Mr W,who turned out to be a member of their 'gang' at that time. What time you ask? Well the time when my dad apparently was trying to woo my mum. Mr W, was easy to warm up to and it was nice to talk to him and listen to tales of my parents during 'those good old days'. He smoked and talked to me like I was which (technically I am)was really nice I tell you because more often than not, my folks friends tend to talk to me as if I am 7 years old.. heck, come to think of it they don't really talk to me. They just ask the standard questions 'What am I doing now?' and 'When am I going to finish?' and then they end that brief "conversation" with "Wah! time passes so fast huh? your daughter so big already!" - Here I tend to wonder if they mean the age, or my size!!! (grin)

Meeting Mr W, reminded me that my parents were once young and just like me, perhaps more wild, perhaps not.. I think not.. but then who really knows. He painted a picture of them that I find hard to believe and it just made me realize again how simillar we actually were. Mr W, was also easy to talk to and I felt myself warming up to him. I believe that if my parents were still close to him, he would have been those 'God Parent' type people that I always wanted to have but never did. (Honestly, I am not close to any of my relatives or parents friends). Dinner finally ended and plans were made to meet up with Mr W and the other members of their 'gang'. On the way home, I tried to find out more about their past, but they were reluctant to give me more information. Perhaps they too were lost in their own memories that were conjured up then.. perhaps they were missing those 'good old days'. I was surprised to see my folks in a new light once again.. and it made me realize how much I do care about them, so I spent the whole night with my mum folding clothes and watching TV. Sure they did nag me about things even before I stepped in the door after dinner, but then I guess that is what parents do.. perhaps one day I will be like that *shudder*

So, yeah.. it was interesting to know that my parents had a past that was fun and 'normal' and in some ways, I reckon that it made me close to them. Anyways, it is late now, and I want to watch 'Moonlight Mile' on telly.. so goodnight and sweet dreams.. and you know what.. for those of you who don't talk to your folks, try and talk to them, I bet you will see that in some ways, or many ways they are just like you. If you can't talk to them, atleast smile at them, k? Aight..

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