Friday, June 25, 2004

I have Cut myself..

i have cut myself.. and my wings have been broken and torn from me
and so i have no choice but to fall back to the ground from my crushed dreams
and i will get sucked and pulled underground where i seem to belong..

yes i need somebody to save me, to let someone take me with their hands and rescue me from this misery that pulls me deeper and deeper till i can no longer see the surface..

even the waves are pulling me under, invisible riptides that pull me deeper and deeper and i would give anything.. anything for someone to come and rescue me.. to just give me a hand and pull me out from this chasm of emptiness and lonliness..

i have cut myself and the pain is ebbing away day by day as numbness and lonliness have become one with me.. so i guess this sums up the story, emptiness, lonliness, a painful deception and an empty shell, yeah thats me.

p.s: hey you, are you glad to know that i have cut myself? just to let you know, the blood is thick and drips ever so slowly from the blade..

1 comment:

Panda-wan said...

once again, you have proven my point. joanne's = ppl tat like to cut themselves once in awhile to check if the blood is still flowing, still red. hais..

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