Friday, June 25, 2004

when do you know it began?

Is it when your heart starts beating like a drum in a marching band, like you can't ever get enough air to breathe to pump the blood in your heart, like you are desperately fighting for some air whenever he is around for the mere sight of him will make you feel all light headed and intoxicated?

Or could it be that the more you are with him, the more you can't imagine yourself without him.. every second that passes without him seems like an eternity of waiting, but when you do see him or be with him, you know it was worth the wait?

Perhaps it is when you are busy with your everyday things in life and suddenly unexpectedly he creeps into your mind like a cool breeze and suddenly you can't do anything except think about him and the way he smiled at you last?

And maybe it is when you see him in everything or everyone that you meet.. every little thing reminds you of him.. everything somehow has some sort of lame ass connection to him and you constantly mention him and obsess about him..?

I just wanted to know when it begins..

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