Monday, June 21, 2004

+ Update +

If you notice it has been some time since I last wrote anything in this little piece of my Heaven, not that there hasn’t been anything significant to write about, or that I have run out of inspiration and etc. but merely because I haven’t had the time to write. Even if I did find the time to do just that, it would be hurried and my thoughts do require a long time to be sorted through and penned (in this case, typed) out. So here I am, after many days clicking away on this strange laptop which Possum so kindly lent to me because SIGH, my computer has once again failed me. A few days ago, it just decided to act all funny and not start. So here I am computer less and what makes me sad is the fact that I do not have all my writings saved on some nice disk. It is in the freaking computer and I am not sure if it is still in there. It breaks my heart to know that all the things that I have written about could be wiped out or has already been wiped out. Double SIGH.. SIGH!SIGH!

I recently had to make a choice to join this youth leadership training programme and I didn’t know if I should take up that role or not. I prayed about it some (Yes, I do pray!) and I guess I am not ready to take up that role. It was difficult writing an email to my leaders and telling them that I am not ready to take it up but they said that it was a very brave thing to do and that they respected me for being so truthful. I learnt then, that sometimes you should just say NO, and admit that you cannot, not because you are afraid to try, but just because your time has not come and there would be no point in forcing yourself to do things that you just knew you couldn’t do then.

During this short time of non-writing, I also learnt how to be a little more humble. How to admit that you were wrong and give in and say that you were ‘sorry’. I nearly lost a really good friend a couple of days ago and I guess it was mostly my fault.. Thankfully the whole squabble and silent war was over and things are back to normal if not better. Things with my family are going great and my friends, well one good friend of mine has left for greener pastures in UK (if you are reading this – good luck over there Spongy, can’t wait till you get back. If I remember correctly you owe me pasta at Williams. I also will be missing you and even though we have drifted a little, I will still remember those good old days) and well the other friends have their own things going on. Some have already got jobs and waiting to begin and others have exams coming up. I too have my mid terms this week and am rather worried since I haven’t been studying. Shites! Wish me luck.

I do not have the time to write a lot and this is so very commentary (as a friend of mine would put it) and well it is just to tell you lot who so faithfully read this, that I am alright and that I have not fallen into some hole or gotten lost on the way home. So yeahs, this is me just saying hello again and hoping for a few things.

1.) my writings on the computer will be saved
2.) that I will get good grades for all my exams
3.) that all my friends near and far are okay and are well
4.) that everyone who needs hope or a sign, get them
5.) that those whose heart is empty and lonely, get filled with happiness and joy
6.) oh yes, lots of love for everyone out there *hugs hugs*

so, until the next time I write, which would be soon hopefully, take care and God bless all of you.

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Brian said...

it's been a while isn't it?
anyhow, just want to let you know that i am doing ok here. it can get so lonely sometimes but then again, if it doesn't kill me, it'll make me gay! so there. you can't lose either way! ahhahahhahahahhaha...

yes, pasta at williams sounds great this moment. my tummy's drumming with delight!

i can't access msn here, though. and the assignments are pouring in like the stupid rain that refuses to stop here in sheffield on some days, especially when i chose to do my laundry. ahhahahha... cest la vie.

take care, yeah? byesssssssssssss.


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