Friday, June 04, 2004


I see the leaves falling from the trees
As I lie under the sky on a warm autumn day
The leaves swirl and twirl in their own sweet melody
And I cannot help but smile
When I think of all God’s majesty.

She sees the bombs that fall from the sky
The metallic destructive devices that kill all those in sight
She screams and tries to run,
They are looming ever closer…
Rivers of tears flow from her eyes,
It seems as if it is the end.

She stares at him and her heart starts to beat
Her palms are sweaty and yes, her knees are weak
She smiles at him, he just passes her by
And doesn’t even know she exists.

He loved her so, did he not say..
And now look, strangers they be
She should have stopped her heart
From falling in love with him.

The young child sees the stars in the sky
Little twinkling lights from afar
She rises her arms for the lights and prays that
She will be able to reach just one.

Suddenly in the sky she sees,
A shooting falling star
And forever is enchanted
By the magnificent splendor
Of the wonderful glorious night.

So they fall,
The hearts, the bombs,
The leaves the stars..
Falling, falling, falling..
A continuous cycle of falling

But then there is always
The chance of rebuilding
And starting all over again
Of recreating..
Of hoping..
Of believing..
After the falling..

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