Friday, October 07, 2011

What to shoot?

Found this on Ali Edwards site and just had to share this with all of you since the list she provided is just simple and so very useful. Happy snapping everyone!!! *snickers snickers*

List of Everyday Photos by Ali Edwards

Keep your thoughts to the basic, wonderful everyday stuff and experiences you encounter. What do you see each day that is a big part of your story?
  1. Rooms in your house (unmade or made bed, laundry room)
  2. What you eat for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner
  3. You in the mirror (turn off your flash if possible)
  4. Your morning drink/your evening drink
  5. Your route to work
  6. Work desk
  7. Kitchen: appliances (just think how different these are from generation to generation), sink, etc
  8. Kitchen counter-top
  9. The backs of your kids as they leave the house (or the back of your spouse)
  10. Your kids room
  11. Kids toys (wherever they appear - think “you were here”)
  12. Bathroom cabinet/medicines/shampoos
  13. The view from your front door
  14. Your morning routine/your evening routine
  15. Kids room
  16. People you love doing their own everyday stuff (what routines do your other family members follow - what things do they do each day that are a big part of their lives)
  17. Technology + gadgets: computer, cameras, printers
  18. The exterior of your house
  19. Art/posters/photos on the walls of your home
  20. Capture play - kids playing, you playing, etc
  21. Piles - paper, laundry, dishes, coats, DVD’s, etc.
  22. Clocks - what time do you do certain things (waking up, go to bed, etc)
  23. Pieces of the whole - part of your coffee cup, a portion of your favorite chair, clothes hanging in your child’s closet
  24. Relationships between people (and don’t worry if they aren’t looking at the camera)

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