Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What makes me happy V2.0

I was rereading some old posts and I came across one of my posts titled The Pursuit of Happiness. It was written in May 2004, more than 6 years ago and the post generally talked about me being happy and as I read the post, this para caught my eye...

"...but I realize that if you don’t take some time to look at your own life and analyze where you are and where you are headed and where you want to go, you never truly get there. You never really settle the issues that you face, you just sweep it under a carpet and hope in time it will fade and be forgotten." 

How very true and I reckon I will be taking some timeout to think about my life now, and where it is and where I want to take it. A sort of analysis of my life now of sorts.

In that post I also asked this question of myself, "So what makes me happy???" Well, seven years down the road, I realised that most of the things that made me happy then, makes me happy now too... so I have decided to add to the list:

What makes me happy V2.0
- traveling to new destinations 
- holding hands and walking in the park
- watching movies / series cuddled under warm soft blankets
- reading a good book with chocolate chip cookies or chocolate or snacks or chicken nuggets
- finding good bargains
- books / magazines / stationary shopping
- playing poker and monopoly deal
- indulging in my arts and crafts {or more like looking at my paper and stuff}
- having cake and coffee
- talking to close friends till the sun comes up 
- massages and spa treatments
- watching movies / series alone and crying because I feel emo
- playing Bejewelled, online poker, Angel Egg pinball, Zuma, Fruit Ninja and Diner Dash
- receiving flowers
- all wedding related stuff 
- browsing through arts and crafts stores
- spending time with Belly my adorably mischievous beagle 
- surfing and reading blogs online
- daydreaming 
- hoping and praying
- writing and making lists 
- date nights
- family nights
- taking photos 
and you know what, if I go on, the list would take forever… and I realize that YES, I am so very blessed to have had so much happiness in my life… and you know what else, I know that there will be more happiness to come very soon. And as for the rest of you all reading this or glancing through, I wish you happiness in your life as well *smiles smiles*

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"  

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