Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo Pick #9 - Happy Blue Creature

Seen @ Favim.Com

This photo just brings a silly smile to my face.
Hope it brings a smile to yours as well.
Have an awesome Tuesday!
*smiles smiles*


Renee Meow said...

i love bloo..!! he's my fav cartoon character n i have a small bloo tot (from happymeal hah ;p) hanging in my car..hehe ;)

*Dream Weaver* said...

I didn't know he was a cartoon character la. I ter-find the pic online and thought it was too cute not to post :) Where did you find Bloo from? He is such a happy creature!!!

Renee Meow said...

laa really? he's from Cartoon Networks's Foster's home for imaginary friend.. i like his cute+crazy character.. ;)

*Dream Weaver* said...

My cartoon network and Disney channels has been cut from my Astro a long time already :( Patutlah tak jumpa this cute blue guy.

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