Monday, October 17, 2011

The Dave & G

The weekend was lonnggg... long and interesting in its own right. My best friends back from London and I am super pleased *grins like a looney* though another good friend, G is leaving for the states. I don't really want him to go (after all who am I going to hang out with and have impromptu bowling games with when he is gone?) but I know that its the best thing for him if he went. So I have gained a friend and might lose another... *sniff*

Friday morning saw me being busy busy busy and at night I celebrated my daddy's birthday and after that the Possum and I had a little chit chat and then it was off to Hartamas with the "guys". It was fun, being with them and Cats at the same time, like a 2 for one bonus... *hoorah* Anyways, I did NOT get super pissed but was just drunk with happiness for that moment. Saturday was home alone day as I was pretty unwell thanks to tummy aches and poundings in my brain. The Possum visited me and tried his best to cheer me up, which worked surprisingly. Sunday was a busy busy day. I went to Mont Kiara, Zakura (Japanese foodies) - it was yummies - for lunch with the Possum and his grandparents and then proceeded to go to the bazaar there and to some clothes shops in Hartamas. I am on a look out for more "unfrumpy-ish" clothes.

Sadly after an hour and four shops later, I came out empty handed and feeling super shitty. So the Possum (who for some weird reason is actaully being super nice to me - am not complaining) took me to 1Utama and I browsed the shops for awhile. After another hour, I gave up finding anything unfrumpy-ish though I did find some tops... five tops actually (one of my little splurges this month). Then it was off for mass and then on to dinner with the "guys" at Plaza Damas. The dim sum was alright though it was halal and "didn't quite" taste the same. Then Dave, G and I went to one of the last remaining fun fairs in KL (those really old school ones - watch out for a post about it soon) which was strangely enough situated in the UM campus grounds.
Just found this post in the drafts folder dated 8th August 2005. How time has passed and things have changed. Yet some things are still the same. I still shop at 1 Utama to find anything unfrumpy-ish and G is finally back to KL *smiles* and I am still friends with "the guys". I think I may have photos of The Dave, G and I at this fair. It was fun at that time, just going wherever, whenever. We always had fun things to do unlike now when we crack our heads to think of fun activities... and we used to talk. Talk about anything and everything. And what of the Possum? Well he and I have not been dating for years. I hope he is well. Anyways, it is always nice to find forgotten notes in your drafts folder don't you think? *grins grins*

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 

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