Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deepavali Wednesday

Today is Deepavali or Diwali the celebration of lights for our Hindu brothers and sisters. As such, it is a public holiday here in Malaysia today {yes another one *woot woot*} ~ I think we have the most public holidays in the world and I ain't complaining! 

So instead of sleeping early last night, I had a long Mexican dinner with an old friend, Di from college {the few that I had} and chatted about this and that... mostly about men and their weird ways. I later brought her to see the Love Nest which is not a 100% completed but is more or less 'there'. B also had some friends of ours over at the Love Nest, so Di and I continued our conversation in the craft room/study/library {must be more diligent in taking photos and posting them up}. Di and I chatted until about 1am and then she left and I joined in the poker game that was already in session ~ and yes, I play poker and I kinda like it and also thank God that B and I both won *woot woot* 

After poker, we kinda hung around some more to just chat and stuff. B reckons that our friends like hanging out at our place and I guess I feel that too. So far we have received only good comments about our Love Nest though my ex boss told me that it the kitchen was 'kinda boring'. Well, with the limited budget that we have, I think we have a lovely kitchen and a cosy Love Nest which is growing on me each time I stay there... I just am perplexed about how I am going to fit everything I own into Love Nest. 

Anyways, we slept at about 3am-ish and work up late. It was just awesome lying on the comforters and just reading. It was like lying on fluffy clouds! B was awesome as he cooked me lunch. We had an omelette with cheese and sausages ~ yums while watching Supernatural Season 3. It was satisfying and so carefree. Then while B tidied and cleaned up the Love Nest, I snuggled up under the sheets and continued reading ~ am reading Yann Martel's new book "Virgil and Beatrice" {I have read some reviews and sadly it ain't quite a promising read but I will give it a go nonetheless + I did buy it anyways so too late to turn back the clock on this one}.

The rest of the day passed by in a blur of sleeping, watching 'Captain America', talking, laughing, grocery shopping and dog pampering and then what do you know, the day is almost over. I should have done more stuff. Like planning for Project Happily Ever After, or cleaned my room or something but I didn't ~ shame on me! But anyways, the good part of it all is that there is only 2 more days till the weekend! *smiles smiles smiles* Hope all of you had a good Wednesday. I had a good lazy one with a wonderful man and my family ~ I am indeed blessed. 

I know it is also quite late but to all my friends and readers who celebrate the Festival of Lights, Happy Deepavali.

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