Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Projects Galore!

Let perseverance be your engine
and hope your fuel.

H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

I have decided to put all worries aside and leave them to Him ~ He has after all been my strength, my comforter, my friend and my shield. Plus, with heaps of Projects taking place all at once and having so many ideas and at the same time dealing with the likes of procrastination, poor time management, crappy work issues, cake and etc. etc. getting in the way, I thought I would move on to happy happy things and just do a quick update on my Project’s progress and some of the things I will {hopefully} be doing.
So without further ado *insert drumroll*

Here is my “Princess Project-Project Self improvement-Project Love Nest-Project Happily Ever After-Project Let’s Create” updates/would like to get done List:

* The Princess Project
The Princess Project is … Well it’s not working *sob sobOk… so it’s my fault I was lazy to put on those beauty products, and stuffed yet another cookie into my mouth and took another lick of Baskin Robbins. It’s so hard!!! So So hard!!! *gulp* *sniff* *sobWill have to try harder I suppose.

Goodbye rice! Goodbye 3-in1 coffee! 
Goodbye cookies! Goodbye ice cream! Good bye cake!
Hello protein! Hello plain healthy cornflakes! 
Hello milk! Hello fruits!

* Project Self improvement
Reading 3 informative articles a day {have a stack to go through since 2007!}. Reading books {non-chick lit} to gather more information on business, marketing and branding. To also read up on case studies.

* Project Love Nest
Working on a list to track our expenses for the Love Nest.
Gotta start packing my stuff, buying new storage solutions and odds and ends for the Love Nest.
Am hoping to get the Love Nest in a homey state by end July with a Love Nest warming in late July/early August perhaps!
Also hoping to get a jumble sale going to let go of the things I can no longer afford to keep {Watch out for more info on this. I have heaps of good bargains in store!}.

* Project Happily Ever After
Browse through bridal websites and magazines daily for Project Happily Ever After inspiration {Am currently indulging in BRIDES Feb 2011 issue} --- ideas are most welcome!!!
Develop lists on work flow, things to do and expenses incurred.
Selecting vendors and finalizing ideas.
Working on guest lists and entourage stuff.

* Project Let’s Create
Organise! Organise! Organise!
I really need to get my supplies, paper and odds and ends sorted. The Love Nest is not very large so I need to really think about effective space organization and also how to cart everything there. I may even unearth some long forgotten treasures from my piles of suppliers *snickers*
Would love to have a cosy, functional home office {see ideas here, here, here, here and here} and am going to try my best to create a nice cosy space for B and I.
Start work on some projects.
Am thinking doing a “Love Nest” mini album which shows how the nest looked like before and after *smiles smiles*
I have a few more ideas for the “Let’s Create” part of my life and will share that in up-coming posts. 
Should start seriously creating something instead of just buying supplies! {stop nodding your head B ~ huhuhuhu!}

Do you see the immensity of the Projects?
*egad* *gulp*

But then I am DW. And I will get this done! *woot woot*
Or some of it anyways… day by day… slowly but surely…
Pray for me. Wish me luck. Lend a hand perhaps?

 Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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