Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home Office Interiors #3

Seen @ Home Lux

Welcome to the third installment of the Home Office Interiors series. These selection of home offices are pretty cool. All of them have some element or other that I love. Let's start with the photos from the top to the bottom, shall we? 

Photo 1: I love the interior of this small and compact home office interior which is perfect for a home that does not have much available space. However, I feel that the pink walls are just too pink! The shelving units however speak to me since I love shelves!!! *grins* 

Photo 2: I kind of like the white box like shelves which can double up as display units. However, they take up quite a bit of space whereas shelves will maximise the wall space that one has. 

Photo 3: I reckon this is a very clever way of using a sloppy ceiling. The sunlit room and the clever use of natural almost earthy colours is very soothing and simple. I liketh!

Photo 4: Am absolutely loving the wall organisers and shelves!!! This is perfect for any home and its perfect for keeping track of to-do lists, letters and it also includes and a cork board and inspiration board of sorts - all the perfect elements for a home office. Awesome possum!

Photo 5: This seems like a very mans man kind of office space with all the dark wood. Slightly too inspiring for the likes of me though it does exude professionalism and prestige of sorts. 

Photo 6: A very simple and straightforward home office yet the white and green works really well together. Love the plant.

Photo 7: Love the tiered bookshelves and the view that is in front of the table. Not that in love with the dark wood table though the table lamp is a very interesting addition to the table.

Photo 8: Again not so very fond of the dark wood furniture but love the turquoise bookends and the ipod speakers for that burst of inspiration!

What did you like? Which one was your favourite?
Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 

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