Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Day

I saw the movie trailer {several times} for 'One Day' and thought to myself that this was a must see type of movie. My kind of movie. And then I found out it was a book  written by David Nicholls and naturally I will be buying it and indulging in it. Am thinking this will be the first book I start reading in the Love Nest *smiles*

Anyways, the summary of 'One Day' is as follows: Emma Morley and Dexter Meyhew, meet properly for the first time on the 15th July 1988, the night of their graduation from University. We meet them again, on the same day each year for the next twenty years. Each chapter of the book, covers Emma and Dexter’s lives on that day, following their lives, loves and tribulations, and more importantly their enduring friendship. You see, Emma and Dexter have one of those friendships, that is so strong and deep it is often to the detriment of others in their lives.

I reckon I am going to heart the book and the movie!!!

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