Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Starbucks - 40th anniversary

Seen @ Yum Sugar

Who will drink to 40 years of Starbucks? and A changed Starbucks. A changed CEO. These were the two articles that I poured over today. These articles are good case studies for such a global brand like Starbucks. Here in Malaysia, it seems that Starbucks is going strong - in my area alone, there are two Starbucks outlets.

Am trying to cut down my Starbucks intake by perhaps once or twice a month since it is rather expensive but it is quite hard since I am quite used to chilling out at Starbucks with friends but in order to save more {damn inflation and the rising costs of living} I would need to cut down.Doesn't help that I have taken a liking to their new Cocoa Cappuccino *snickers*

Anyways, happy reading folks!

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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