Monday, June 06, 2011

Career Personality Test

My Result: ISFJ
That means that based on the standard measure of personality traits, you are a strong team player and believe the needs of the group come before the individual. You generally care about the people around you, which allows you to provide a personal touch at your workplace. That sense of caring allows you to feel personal accomplishment and acceptance from your co-workers who know they can turn to you for help. You are generous with your time and spirit and look to make the present moment better for everyone.

Your emotional strength combined with a pragmatic approach to work makes you a strong asset. You don't like juggling multiple projects at once and would rather get one project off your desk at a time. Because of your internal value system, you don't need false flattery from others. You have a strong work ethic and inspire others by your example. Because of this, you are a strong leader on any team. To you, your work speaks for itself.

I took this test ages ago somewhere in 2005
and you know what? It's still very relevant.
I just wish my bosses could see this and 
compensate me for the work that I have delivered. 

I will continue to pray for a better career path for not only myself, 
but for B, my brother and my family and friends.

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