Friday, April 29, 2005

i HATE assignments

G just dropped me off after a long day. Slept at 6am this morning and had to wake up at 10am to complete my assignment. I decided to check my mails and guess what I got my results for my 2nd assignment and it was just SAD!!! I expected more, perhaps because I really did my best and really studied the given materials and was sure that I would get pretty decent grades... but alas I was wrong. It was SAD results... *sob sob*

I was trying to be optimistic and it was easy with G around. We had fun talking (just like old times) about contradictions in one's life and etc. Went to see YN and Vic at Federal Autos and then shot to Megamall. I noticed that the big drain outside Federal Autos smelt like Port Dickson... hehehe... At megamall G and I shopped. He bought stuff for the Camerons trip and I felt sad that I wasn't going to be there as I bet they are going to have a good time there... but I think mine will be better in Singapore... heheheh * grin * Oh... bought a night shirt with fairies and silver glittery *stars* on it as well as 'Crazy Fairy' written all over it... (so me!)

Still feeling upset about the results, but I gues there is nothing to do... but this sure does dishearten me. Well, I suppose theres always the next assignments - the horror! the horror!
Going to feed my Esio Trots now, bought the crab sticks... they are in for a treat. See yous...

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