Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I am a blessed human

My day didn't start of at its best as I woke up late from a very restless sleep and realized that there was no real need to go to college. So I took the chance to sleep in as the following days will see me lacking in the sleep department. After a nice long rest, I took a long leisurely shower and went to college. There was no lunch (surprise! surprise!) so I took 2 curry puffs (the 30 sen kind) and a wierd looking doughnut which is not really a doughnut and set of for school with my trusty yellow and red striped umbrella.

While I walked to get the bus, I started pondering about life and its little wierdness and wonders. Eventhough the sun was blazing, I was thankful that I could feel the rays of the sun and its warmth. I was thankful that I could walk whilst some people didn't have any legs. Then I began to think of all the things that I have been taking for granted like the ability to think, to breathe and to talk. The ability to laugh, to smile and to write.

I then thought of all the material things I had which honestly was not important and which not many people had. I thought of my house and eventhough its old and small and eventhough I wished hard last time for a bigger better place, I would not trade my house for anything. For my house is special as it is filled with love and laughter. It is not a house really, it is a home. There were other out there that has no where to live and no place to lay their head. Those who didn't know what "Suzy's Zoo", "Forever Friends" and "Little Ponies" were, and I felt sorry for them that they would never have this little things which were meaningless but full of little joys... but maybe they are happier not knowing it in some ways.

Needless to say it was one long walk with much pondering about a whole host of other things. When I reached the bus stop, I sat down and thought somemore whilst I ate the curry puffs and kept a vigilant look out for the bus. Now hours later, I am still thinking and pondering as I sit here in the computer lab listening to my current fav song "Breakaway" whilst Elliot keeps me company and hums along with me. I have an hour of class later and I will then take the bus home again and continue my assignment. Then I will go to The Loft and review it whilst celebrating my friends birthday with my colleagues and the Possum. Hoping that everything goes well and even if it doesn't it will only serve as a reminder that I am not perfect and that nothing is, which is alright... I am human after all. Actually I am a blessed human *Amen*

*Dream Weaver* starts to hum with Elliot who is doing the famous chicken wiggle and monkey finale. Anyone interested in learning??? *wink wink*

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