Saturday, April 16, 2005

9 More 2 Go...

My day was so productive though at night I didn’t do zilch. I blame myself for being the one without the backbone… never knowing when to say ‘No’ not only to the Possum but the friends who come knocking on my door. So much for my whole ‘planned’ schedule, nothing every goes according to plan these days… bah hum bug!!!

I just finished an assignment today, a critique of a newspaper layout and design (please don’t roll your eyes – its not as easy as it sounds) and I only have 4 social psychology assignments, my social psych final and 5 more PR assignments to go before I am done with this semester. Hoorah!!! (I am trying to sound optimistic here but am not doing a good job of it, well…at least I tried.)

After getting caught in a storm and walking, rising a bus and than a cab and getting half my jeans and feet wet, I finally reached college. Handed up that assignment and headed of to 1Utama for an adventure. Wanted to catch a movie but ended up having tea with Eric which was really nice as we hadn’t talked to each other in awhile. He showed me his book which was just awesome. Puts my book to shame *blush*… anyways we had a pleasant talk about books, our lives and future projects which we wanted to do. Talking with people like Eric, make me feel normal and like I am not as crazy as I sound. He gives me hope and encourages me to follow my dreams which many of my friends don’t. Heck, they don’t even know about it let alone encourage me… so called friends that they are.

Well after 1Utama, I wasted a whole night with Possum. I shouldn’t be saying stuff like that, but really it was a wasted night. I have had a really busy week, and I should have just spent about 2 hours with him and nothing more. Too much of someone can piss you off especially if they can’t keep their mouths shut! Sorry I am being mean here, but it’s true. I guess I wanted my own time to do my own things and then I thought about him and how he was at the factory the half the week and etc. and than… hmmm… another wasted night.

9 more to go… I don’t know how I am going to get through this, but somehow I will have to and I know I will. Bloody optimism!!! Ahh well… I should be (another “should be”), going off to bed now. Am tired physically, emotionally and mentally… ahhh… nice comfy bed. Thank you Lord for these small pleasures!!!

p.s: 11 more to go if you count the 2 club reviews…* sigh* (i am not in the mood for colours)

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