Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Loving what you do

I have been looking for jobs these couple of weeks. Although I would love to remain jobless and try out my
arts and crafts and freelance and stuff, I know that I still crave the challenge of the corporate world and there are so many things that that world can offer {insurance, medical claims and the salary}. 

My parents {being Asian and slightly old skool when it comes to careers} are worried about their daughter being jobless and bumming around {even though this is just the 2nd day of me bumming} and yes, I do worry about money and the like but I have offered these worries to God and am instead going to focus my energy and thoughts on making my crafty stuff and writing while looking for a job that I will love. 

And the late Mr Jobs was so right. As with all matters of the heart, I will know when I have found it and I am sure the good Lord has a plan for me. I am keeping my eyes peeled and loving what I am doing now while I wait for that job. 


Hallo said...

I think you'd fit beautifully with this team!

Or work along a similar creative theme :)

*Dream Weaver* said...

Dear Hallo...
Thanks for the compliment. Murni's work is so lovely. :)
Perhaps one day we shall. I am sure it would be a lovely experience.

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