Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Prada Market

This ain't a new thing but I thought it was a cool idea. Prada the Italian fashion house, staged a mammoth event in the city of Valencia in Spain to celebrate the America's Cup. The event was held at the Central Market which normally a home to a bustling produce market. 

The event attracted a slew of local and international celebrities who lapped up the unique ambience – organizers left a lot of the stalls intact including fruit stalls and delis, and guests were invited to sample the produce on offer. One deli housed the event’s DJ, who mixed tunes amid the Parma ham and anchovy tins, while other stalls where converted into mini showcases of Prada accessories; with belts and bags hanging from hooks as if they were pieces of fruit. In one deli stall Prada even displayed its silk turban range.

I thought it was a really interesting way to throw a party. 
Check out The Cool Hunter for more info. 

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