Sunday, May 06, 2012

We Bought A Zoo

“We Bought a Zoo” is the story of Benjamin Mee (Damon), a devoted father and husband who, during a turbulent time for his family due to the death of his wife, decides to relocate his family. Consisting of 14-year-old Dylan (Colin Ford) and five-year-old Rosie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), Benjamin buys a run-down Zoo in Southern California but soon realizes he may well have bitten off more than he can chew as not only must he take care of his disjointed family, but 200 animals, rising debts and his new staff of zoo keepers, including Kelly (Scarlet Johansson). Benjamin is not deterred and is determined to succeed in his new life and to rescue his family.

While this might sound like a story dreamed up by Hollywood, the film is actually based on real life. “We Bought a Zoo” is a book by British Journalist Benjamin Mee who documented his family’s decision to purchase Dartmoor Zoo in Devon back in 2006. But unlike the movie, it was the death of his father and his mother’s desire to move which prompted the purchase. 
It wasn’t until 3 months after moving into the zoo that his wife, Katherine, 
unfortunately passed away and the enormity of the task began to hit home.

The real Benjamin wrote in the Guardian back in 2007 “as the grim living conditions, bad weather and lack of money came home to roost fending off creditors became a full-time job.” Not very glamorous at all, but it seems that Crowe has managed to produce a feel good movie without compromising his indie style. What more would you expect from a director that has been called the “great heart of American cinema”. {from Groove Korea

I thought it would just be a "bleh" movie to be honest but I was mistaken. This is a really feel good movie which touches on letting go, exploring, going on adventures, forgiveness, lost and friendship. There were several scenes in the movie that moved me {yes I got weepy eyed!} and it was good to see B enjoying the movie along with me. The beagle in the movie reminded me of Belle though Belle is heaps naughtier. Beagles just rock! Anyways, just wanted to say that this is an awesome family movie and even if you don't have a family and would like a heart tugging movie, get this movie *smiles* I wonder how it would be like to own a zoo and have such a grand adventure... its seems like hard work but heaps of fun. 

The real Benjamin is wonderful.
I am sure all the animals thank him for not giving up.

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