Sunday, May 20, 2012

unplanned spontaneity!

I am not really a spontaneous sort of person. 
I usually premeditate on things too much and 
worry about the what ifs ALOT so much so 
that I don't usually do the things that I set out to do 
~ a habit which I intend to change slowly but surely.

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Anyways, I forgot a friend's birthday last week and was reminded by the birthday boy himself that I had missed his birthday. I of course felt crappy about it and managed to get a dinner together for the belated birthday boy. Dinner and chatter were good and it felt a little sad to close the night at 11pm... when suddenly a friend popped up and said that we should take a drive to Genting Highlands {read more about Genting here}. 

I thought no one would feel up to it since we are all not as young and fun and spontaneous as we used to be but lo and behold everyone was up for it. So at 12am, we found ourselves all dressed up for a night/early morning at Genting. We reached about 1am and I only stumbled into bed at about 6.15am. A simple night of gambling {its dangerous when you remember your way around the hotels and casinos} where I won 50 bucks and thereafter, a quick meal {I had black pepper chicken pie which I believe was the source of my stomach discomfort} and a hot coffee {mine was a cold hazelnut latte from CoffeeBean}.

Spontaneity. It's been ages since we did anything remotely crazy like this and most of us paid for it by waking up heaps late today *grins grins* but it was totally worth it. Thanks B for driving us up, you are super awesome but I am sure you knew that already, right, but in case you forget, you are super super awesome. Here's to more acts of unplanned spontaneity!!!

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