Sunday, May 13, 2012

And we have begun folks!

I have been sleeping super late {and hence waking up super late as well} these past two weeks and I know I should quite this horrid habit and I will... soon... but tonight, I just wanted to write {it's been awhile}. It's not something super that has happened but it has been a packed day!
  • It's my nephew Ethan's full moon today {he is one month old!} so I got a whole chicken and red eggs and the like. I wanted to eat the chicken but was too lazy to chop it up and had char kuey teow instead {I waited for more than an hour but it was worth it!}.
  • I may have chosen the hotel for our stay in London. It looks super promising *smiles*
  • I met with a head hunter person who gave me pretty good tips for future interviews.
  • An old friend, P, came over to the Love Nest and got me my Biotherm facial cleanser {for a steal!} and some other skin care goodies {I think there were about 7 tubes and tubs of facial and body goodness} ~ and it's not even my birthday *woot woot* ~ thanks P!
  • Visited my in-laws and my family.
  • I saw Belle the beagle today after missing her for a week. She refused to even look at me and gave me a sulky face when she eventually did. What a dog I tell you! But I love her all the same 'cos she is just awesome possum. {Belle's sulky face below and me trying my darnest to coax her into being the lovable, adorable, slobbery beagle that she is}.

  • My Simon Says Stamp {they have awesome craft stuff and duh! stamps!!} stuff arrived in the mail and I finally got them in my hands ~ oh joy!!! {I will write more about the awesome stuff I got in another post {if I remember!}. Btw, I just love receiving things in the mail ~ happy things and not things like bills and boring crappy stuff.
  • I had ChaTime bubble tea and put in the drinks holder in the loaned Perodua Kenari car {our car's being sprayed and what not!} ~ super awesome! Drinks holders in cars are just one of the greatest inventions ever in my book.
  • I came home and decided to make a Mother's Day card and a card for my niece's 30th birthday tomorrow. So I took out the supplies and tried and tried again and finally I got it made. Two "creative" things. I don't have photos of them but they look pretty decent and I kind of liked the outcome of it. I used mostly rubber stamps, washi tape and patterned paper {all my favs}. 
  • Then I realised {and shared with B} that the craft projects that I did or will do doesn't quite need to be perfect. Perfection, or more likely the idea of me needing to make things perfect, hinders me for actually starting to craft which is just horrible as I have amassed ALOT of supplies so much so that the arts and crafts police would definitely fine me or throw me into crafty prison for not using all the goodies I have collect since forever! But it's honestly a big thing for me to have made two creative things. I know, I know... it's just two things but really, to me, it's a BIG thing. Baby steps! Baby steps! Btw, my back is killing me as I was crafting on the floor. My table was filled with a whole lot of other stuff ~ ouchness! {Note to self: Clean table for craft purposes and putting food but of course!}
  • *On a side note, I have been doing a little bit of crafting for Project Let's Create, but that's a whole different type of crafting ~ updates when I get things done. The printer has gone wonky just as I needed it to work *tsk tsk*
So yes. A very long day it was today but it sure was fulfilling. I even watched "MoneyBall" {with Brad Pitt} but I was crafting mid-way so I don't know if that counts *snickers* Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day {HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all your readers who are mums or mums-to-be ~ you guys are awesome!} and my niece's 30th party which is a karaoke do. I can't wait for lunch with my family and then singing later with my extended family. It will be our first family karaoke party! *woot woot*

Good night folks! It's been lovely typing all this down {like typing diarrhea} and thanks for visiting this Little Piece of Heaven! I feel so happy when I see that people are actually visiting my blog *smiles* Thanks again. Happy Sunday all. 

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