Monday, August 08, 2011

August beckons!

See in my mind I wanted to have a super awesome first blog post for August. A post so super it would blow your socks off dear readers... but I had nothing much to really say or write. It's not that I did not do much of anything, but to be honest, I just am having trouble keeping up with time.

I mean can you believe it, it is already AUGUST!!! OMG! I can remember just thinking it was June an
d I was freaking out 'cos it was already mid-2011... and now its August! 2 months past June! *egad*

Project Wedding is just around the corner and I have yet to really do anything about it. Project Love Nest at least is moving along slowly but surely {but I still find it hard to call it home without my stuff and without my family though B is my family too} ~ I have yet to go about taking photos as the rooms are bare and mostly empty.

A Week In The Life of DW has come and gone. I managed only 5 days as I left my camera at home *sniff sniff* but I think that 5 days are better than no days {or so I keep consoling myself!}. Will be uploading them soon though I may be one of the last people to finish or more like start this project.

Well, some of the major highlights would be finally starting Pinterest  and I am hooked. It is an awesome way to store up ideas and to look and gaze at pretty pretty things. So do find me {and follow me} on Pinterest, I am sure you will not be disappointed. I particularly like the 'It's A Zoo Out There', 'Tea for Two' and 'She Hearts Words' boards! *smiles smiles* 

Celebrated my father's birthday and had a very good dinner {spending time with my family gets better as I get older strangely enough}, met up with an old boss for Japanese brunch and a girly chit-chat session {she came to pick me up in a chili red Porsche and I was super excited to be riding in one for the first time!!}, watched heaps of TV and movies {love The Big C, likes Game of Thrones, enjoyed 'Arthur' and was afraid of the movie 'Insidious'}, worked hard @ work as I should and of course I surfed the interweb and pinned away! Btw, I think I will be buying the book 'Game of Thrones' as it sounds super interesting! *smiles* {Yes I know, more books? But really fantasy gets to me}

I am honestly quite knackered today, so I think I will call it a night. Have an awesome week ahead all. I miss this Little Piece of Heaven. Must make an effort to write more! *smiles smiles*

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