Saturday, August 27, 2011

a walk in the park

The weekend is upon us {can I hear a *woot woot*?}.
And to start the day of we are taking Belle {my beagle} and Moshi {B's schnauzer} to Desa Park City for a walk. It is kind of late in the morning for a walk but the weather is a tad gloomy and a its a little windy... in my opinion perfect weather for dog walking! *smiles*
I am hoping that Belle will be on her best behavior since Belle has bouts of craziness and stubbornness {an uber bad combination}. Belle has been so excited at the prospect of going that she has been nudging my leg to remind  me to bring her out *snickers* She is such a sweet heart. 
Anyways, gotta go my blog friends.
Have an awesome Saturday.

Belle during her younger days *smiles*

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