Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These feelings and emotions

There are a couple of feelings and emotions
running through me today.
There is the green-eyed monster that reared its ugly head.
There is anger that boiled beneath my skin.
There is pity that bubbled in me.
There was a sense of justice in me that is waiting for be unleashed.
There was a sense of purpose, of knowing what I was doing.
There is a sense of loss knowing that friends
don't always stay the same.
There is a feeling of helplessness
when I hear you say the things you say.
There is a sense of responsibility to do the right thing.
There is a feeling of just wanting to think about living in the now.

They are all just feelings and emotions pulsing in me.
Let's hope these feelings and emotions fade
and don't bring me way down. 
I pray I will be able to have a strength to face all 
these feelings and emotions.

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