Friday, August 26, 2011

A kind of merriment

There is a strange kind of merriment ebbing and flowing around me in the office. It's probably  relief of having astonishingly good financial results this year, mixed with buckets of fizzy joy that the holidays are already at the doorstep and probably thankfulness that we survived a very draining and character testing week. 

Most of the lights are turned off already and I see my colleagues hurrying to pack up to leave. I see status updates about the massive jams everywhere and thank God I will be taking a scenic walk to the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers to catch a train home where B will be waiting to have dinner with me {bless his kind soul}.

A quick peek at The Knick Knack Box will reveal most of my books being sold which delights me to no end {thank you kind people}... but no worries, there are still some left for those of you are interested in picking up good reads with super good prices! *smiles*

So this is basically a short post of release and of thanks to God who has helped me get through the minutes, hours and days. For without Him I would probably be going crazy.

Have a good weekend all! 
I foresee and awesome weekend and week ahead.
Let’s get ready for September peeps!

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