Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Knick Knack Box

Dear Readers of My Little Piece of Heaven,

"I turned one of cant's into a can!"
{do I hear a *woot woot*}

I have just opened a little blog stop/shop, 
The Knick Knack Box {of the KKB for short}!

The KKB is divided into three broad categories, 
namely the "Gloriously New", the "Pre-Loved and Will be Missed" 
and the "Crafted With Love" {will hopefully be whipping up something soon}
I have already started selling some My 1st Stash 

I do hope you will enjoy browsing through my little blog stop/shop. Do stay for awhile, enjoy the view, drop by every other day. All proceeds go to the "Project Love Nest" and "Project Happily Ever After" fund *smiles smiles* 

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