Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Memorial for Dane

These beautiful photos were taken by Timothy P Ongley, a friend of Dane's who incidentally also captured the photos of Dane riding. These photos were inspired by Dane and I just had to post this on my blog as there were some really good photos. 

Tim also managed to take some photos at the memorial service for Dane which are below. So as you see these few photos, say a prayer for Dane my little brother, the Eaton's, Maija and all of Dane's friend who miss him.

Sometimes, I look to the sky and wonder if the ones who have left us for a better place, smile down upon us.
I would like to think that they do.

He can now fly with his Angels wings.

Maija and Lee {our elder brother} plant a magnolia tree in memory of Dane. May the tree grow strong and tall and bring shade and comfort to many.

Till we meet again on that beautiful shore Dane. Rest in peace.

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