Sunday, April 10, 2011

Turn tables

Turn tables
I decided to say "hello" to my old pally, DW, on MSN. Two minutes into the conversation and I'm already agreeing to be her guest blogger. It started out as me trying to get her to be my guest blogger in an attempt to get her to maintain my oh-so-simple web log. After a few "no, you write it(s)" later I found myself typing this quicky right out. I'm such a wimpy little push-over. She suggested that I could do a sort of write-up on Yi Hwa's birthday. And so, that's where we are now: Yi Hwa's birthday, venued at Colossal times, the Curve. Hehe, kidding. Colonnial times, the Curve. She just sent me a picture of herself hugging a tree. Almost looks like she's pole dancing. "Down with deforestation! Up with wood!", This is going to get edited out. 

Certainly. Back to Yi Hwa's birthday we go. So, we were late - Both Yi Hwa and I. I was clever enough to arrive with the birthday girl so no fault or fingers were directed at us. They seemed a little annoyed with our tardyness. I believed they got over that because the other half of the table was absent still. Little did they know that Ronnie was going to make a special appearance that night. I, however, did know because Tania informed me of it. 


An unfinished post from my guest blogger Yews from June 2005. I don't think this ever got posted {am too lazy to check}.  Colonial Times has since closed down. The food I recall was pretty decent Indian cuisine. I remember choking at the bill when it came. How time flies *smiles* I am glad to note though that we are all still friends and still doing the birthday dinners! Things like that are just too good to ever give up. 

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