Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Saturday's

It's early Saturday morning and I was awaken by Belle's barks and whines {I think she thought it was a weekday still}. So, I dragged myself out of bed {literally} and slunk downstairs. The weather then {and even now as I look out of my white lacy curtains} is gloomy and grey. Perfect for lie-ins and curling up in bed with a good book or a movie or an addictive TV show {am currently watching 'Make It or Break It', a TV series about gymnasts}. Not mumbling to an overexcited hungry beagle! Nevertheless, Belle is so adorable with her big doggy eyes that seem to be able to melt the coldest and meanest of hearts!

I remember when I was teen, my Saturday mornings revolved around the telly. I would bring my diary and my crafts material and camp out in front of the idiot box for hours. I would make myself cheese nuggets and a tall glass of something nice and just sit on a couch and watch endless cartoons and special Saturday screenings like the 'Marvelous Hour' which used to screen episodes of Spiderman cartoons. I was hooked on it for some reason. In between watching and stuffing my adolescent face with junk food, I would make cards and bookmarks and write long soppy entries in my diary about the week gone by or plans for the future or some other crush or obsession for the week. 

When I was 16 and 17, my Saturday's were spent at the shopping mall with my besties. We ate at McD's and baskin robbins, went for movies and hung out at Intencity {the IN place to be which was essentially a large arcade!} We would scout for people we knew, try on clothes we could never afford and just gossip. I loved those carefree days.

Upon entering college, my Saturday's were about catching up with assignments, working at my part time job as a waitress at a cafe and hanging out with friends. When I joined the workforce as an underpaid PR executive at a local PR consultancy, my Saturday was spent catching up on sleep. I would literally wake up in time for lunch and then just hangout with my friends. I didn't do very much in term of productivity but I guess it was just my body getting used to the working world. 

My obsession with sleeping in on Saturday's never truly went away. After quitting the underpaid executive job, my Saturday's were better. I still slept in quite often but it was not all the time. A group of my friends {also B's friends} used to organise fun things to do like excursions to waterfalls and new places. Some waterfalls and hikes were torturous for unfit me but they were all good experiences - some best not to be repeated, others stored away under 'have to visit again'. 

My Saturday's became more productive and more meaningful when I started dating B. There were so many activities that we planned to do that we could have been out from morning till nightfall. When 'Project Happily Ever After Started' and 'Project Love Nest' started, our weekends were even more compact. Catching up on sleep is something we try to do but it is not easy when you have two on-going Projects and so many hobbies you want to enjoy and indulge in. I love this new Saturday arrangements. B gets his own time to do his thing and I get time to do my own and then we meet later on in the afternoon. Saturday's are also one of Belle's bath days which is most often a good bonding session with this little girl.

The future Saturday's to come will change again I suppose. I will not be staying in this home where I have lived for almost 30 years. I will not be able to snooze in bed, just me and my pillows and soft toys and cozy comforter and a book. I would instead wake up with my husband by my side and the sounds of children {not my own just yet} laughing in our condo's swimming pool probably jolting me from a restful sleep. On the other hand, we might have to wake up early to go to the market, clean the house or do any of these grown up chores which I have so far managed to escape from for sometime now {lucky me!}.

 But on the much brighter side of things, I will have Saturday mornings in my own home, doing my own thing with B right there beside me ~ I reckon that would be just awesome. I aspire to be a domestic goddess and whip up delicious breakfasts and cakes and home cooked meals for the week ahead to be freezed and reheated when needed *smiles* One can certainly hope and work towards it! 

So it's still early Saturday morning and Belle is lounging in the living room. I will be joining her shortly and celebrating another glorious weekend {and a long one at that since Monday is a public holiday}. There is much to do today and this weekend ~ bring Belle to the vet, visit a local craft fair {where I will try not to buy things I don't need}, search for a red bride's maids dress for my brother's wedding in June, purchase some new clothes for work, edit some photos, arrange my closet and yada yada yada... the list goes on! I am hoping I get to do at the very least, a quarter of all I really want to get done. 

Here's to Saturday! Possibly the bestest day of the week!!! 

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"  


Josephine said...

I do similar things on Sundays....but what really struck me was your talk about when you get married...I often think the same things about when I will be married and have a real job...its nice to look forward to! I also just love reading your blog and seeing all the pretty things you find!

*Dream Weaver* said...

yes itis awesome to look forward to something so immensely life altering :)

i sincerely appreciate your lovely comments. it made me smile on an otherwise stressful grey Wednesday!

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