Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Recap

So I am back from Hanoi. Hanoi is a busy busy city and I felt caught up in a whirlwind there. I nearly died several times - the motorbikes and cars have no rules over there it seems and the constant tooting of the horn rings in my ear still. 

Overall, although my trip there was short {and tiring}, it was pretty pleasant. I managed to get some sightseeing down and hope that I can do more touristy things the next time I am there at the end of the month. The food was pretty good, the weather was nice {its spring there}, my room at the Movenpick Hotel was fab, I had a good talk with a friend and had some excellent buys at the market and the best part, I got my Vietnamese coffee!  

Being home is of course awesome. I love coming home and being with B, my family, my friends and of course Belle who is doing better now but still not great. 

B and I went for our 2nd last CMPC {marriage class} today and it was awesome because B spoke from his heart and shared some very personal things with the group. Of course I blubbered like a child when I shared {I so need to control the weeping and blubbering} but I felt very touched about what B had said {I love you B}. It was also sad that our last session would be without our batch since I will be MIA again this weekend due to helping out in CHOICE camp. I have come to enjoy meeting every Sunday at 2pm with these other engaged couples to talk about our journey after marriage {more on this at a later date!}.

Anyways, I know this post is just a bunch of randomness but am just rushing to fill you guys in on what is happening at the moment, which is really heaps of things. April is really a jammed packed month but I am loving it! I gotta get some shut eye now as work begins again {like clockwork} tomorrow. Have a good week ahead all. God bless.

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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