Monday, April 04, 2011

Hear Me I Pray

The long weekend/holiday for me has gone by in a flash. Did I enjoy my short trip to Singapore? Yes. And No. The Lion King was awesome. I can't begin to describe how magical it was for me. I also found several good deals for my patterned paper, arts and crafts, several hair bands and some home ID stuff. I had a good chat over fruit pie and tea with my cousin and I had interesting experiences and conversations with G and Daves.

Despite all this though, there were two thing that bothered me during the trip. The lesser one was the work that awaited me in the office. During my first day on vacay, the office called and bothered me with really trivial questions. The kind of questions not worth asking and not worth answering but I had to entertain them simply because my boss, although briefed already, would probably freak. 

The bigger thing that has been bothering me and still is for the matter of fact is Belle my little beagle. She is still ill. While I was in Singapore, B had to take emergency leave to bring her to the vet as she had an infection on her incision. To cut the story short, Belle seems to have a reaction to the sutures that the vet did for her when she went to get neutered. This resulted in her muscles forming a sort of sac and there was heaps of fluid in it. It is abnormal and the vet is perplexed as well. To make matters worse, her organs seem to be all joined together instead of floating about freely in her body. The vet says it could have been genetic or something that just happened to her.

Belle has to take pretty strong medication, steroids and antibiotics for the moment which for the long run will mostly cause problems to her kidney and liver and in the short term, make her thirsty and hungry leading up to obesity. She also pants a lot and her heart races so quickly all the time. Being a natural worrier, I worry about her. She is just so young and she seems to be in such pain. Seeing her shaking and panting while she sleeps breaks my heart. I can't wait for her to get better. I can't wait for this pain in her to stop. 

I don't want to go to work because I feel annoyed at times. Like how I have to still do work which is not mine anymore plus my current workload. Then there are the lazy people in the office who just do the things that they have been told to do and at times don't even take the time to read and understand the work given to them. They just keep saying that they don't know. Their personal work comes up tops for them all the time as well. *ARGHHHHHH* just writing that down makes me so mad cos it makes me think about them and how I have to see their faces tomorrow. Friends are friends but really, don't take me for a doormat or a fool for I am neither.


I tell myself this all the time like a mantra of sorts and I call on Jesus to help be get through this difficult times. There are so many other annoyances and problems in my life but there are also so many good things and blessings in my life and I need to keep reminding myself about them.

So hear me I pray. Hear my prayers and my worries and lend me a hand to get through it all. For with You, everything is possible. For You carry me in times of trouble and walk with me each and every step of the way. Hear me I pray and  heal Belle, my relatives who are ill and aunty S. Help those who have lost everything and give them hope. Comfort those who are grieving and protect all those in danger. Soothe the troubled brow and hold the lonely I pray. Amen.

Have a good week ahead all. 

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