Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Office Interiors #4

Seen @ Home Office Design

Whilst working on Project Love Nest, I have had the joy of thinking about the kinds of furniture to buy for our little home office/reading room/arts and crafts space. I am still getting ideas and am trying to source for items that are reasonably priced which is a difficult task {B and I have been spending heaps on getting our little Love Nest furnishes}. 

I truly enjoy going through these various home office interiors because they provide me with inspiration and this bubbly feeling in me which I believe can only be excitement!! *snickers* Here are some of my thoughts about these couple of interiors:

Photo 1: A simple black and white design which I like. I am particularly fond of the black wall and the shelf of black and white pictures. It is a very tasteful room and something that B would probably be okay with since the home office/reading room/arts and crafts space will have to be shared between the both of us. We are both fans of black and white pictures!

Photo 2: This photo is not really a home office per se. It seems more like a little nook or something but it works to keep everything tidy and in a home where space is limited, this might work. However, I am not liking the fact that there is no space for stretching ones legs. I am liking the wood floors and the green cupboard though.

Photo 3: I love the wallpaper!!! I love the turquoise accents!!! I love the white!!! A winning combination but still just a nook and not a work office proper. Still loving the wall paper!! *grins* 

Photo 4: This is a really nice sewing space. I love the windows and the shelves to store the bundles of cloth. I especially love the chair with its cheerful pink fabric and I kinda like the dustbin as well... {I know I have odd taste!}

Photo 5: I like the clean white look of this little nook but its too white... I prefer bursts of colour these days. What I love best about this photo, the board {cork board?} on the table that can hold ideas, notes, photos, postcards and etc {all the things this hoarder loves!}.

Photo 6: Out of all the photos, this one would be the one that would be easiest to build. Simple shelves to house our books and odds and ends, a sturdy table with leg room for the computer or writing and what appears to be a table that can be used for the computer and other things like cutting paper. I like that there is a bare wall to hang a large painting and windows for sunlight and staring out at the world as it passes by. 

Which is your favourite room? 

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 

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