Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Green is the fresh grass in the morn
His every gaze is filled with scorn.
Blue the colour of wide open skies
His lips spew endless lies.
Yellow reminds me of the fiery sun
You are trapped there is no where to run.
Purple irises that come in bunches
Duck, you might get smacked with his punches.
Fresh blood reminds me of the colour red
Its too late now, he killed you, you are dead.
Lots and lots of pink like clouds of candy floss
Could have helped you, now you are a lost cause.

16th April 2005 was obviously a dark day for me...
Found this sad dark post in my drafts folder and thought of just posting it up. I can't really recall what triggered this post that was never posted.
 I am so glad there are no more dark clouds in sight.

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