Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April is...

... crazy busy!!! I suppose by the silence and lack of posts, you would have already noticed that *snickers* but it is also a month that is awesome possum, inspiring, wonderful, tiring and just plain memorable! Anyways, I had a quick lunch with B and thought I could retreat to this Little Piece of Heaven to just share a line or two... or three... possibly four *smiles*

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Work has kept me on my toes the whole month. I have had to organise media training sessions, develop speeches, press releases and other such documents, went to Hanoi to engage an agency for our organisation, attending meetings after meetings after meeting for future projects, fought corporate 'fires' and worked with sometimes really unpleasant and uncooperative people. I will also be flying to Hanoi again on Thursday morning (6am flight - argggh!) and hopefully on Friday afternoon, I will breathe normally again *smiles*

Besides work @ the hovel, this month saw the conclusion of B's and my CMPC {the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course} class. It was a rather sad affair to not attend the last CMPC class with several other couples whom we have been journeying with for the past 7 weeks. Truth be told, we enjoyed their company and feel as if we bonded together.

The CMPC class was also a blessing for the both of us. It brought us together and opened our eyes and hearts *smiles* I am so proud of B for opening himself up and sharing his thoughts with the rest of the group even if he wasn't a Catholic. He has grown from this class and I am so glad. There were also times when the session got a little emotional and yours truly wept like a little leaky tap... but sharing, communicating and love heals wounds and soothes troubled hearts and its has surely helped us. Who would have thought that something that at once seemed like a chore was probably what was needed for my relationship with B to blossom and mature to another level. 

Amidst the chaos of work which has been bugging the slightly control freak that I am, I took the weekend off to attend and serve in CHOICE #88. I can't quite tell you what CHOICE is,  you sorta have to experience it for yourself, but I can tell you that it is wonderful. I participated in CHOICE #87 last year and though I felt a calling to serve, I put it off because of life and work {my favourite excuses} and somehow after a few well orchestrated events, God basically said "Enough procrastination DW, you have to serve now!" So I answered the call and served. 

I became the HOUSE team for CHOICE #88. I had to wake up first with my male counterpart Jeremiah and we had to wake up all the participants and priests and presenters. We had to ensure the food was on time and that sessions started on time. We took care of the sick and shared our experiences with others. It was tiring but a rewarding experience and above all that, I realised what an awesome thing it is to serve the Lord. To do something that makes Him happy. To do something that brings people closer to Him. To play a part in an event that will change someone's life. How truly awesome! *smiles*

By God's grace, I will also be serving in CHOICE #88 in the fellowship ministry. I honestly am clueless as to what to do but I am confident that if He leads me to it, He will lead me through it, unharmed, unscathed and more blessed. Pray for me my dear friends that I will be given the strength and the wisdom to assume this new role for the first and the last time before I get married next year {CHOICE is for youth and single-adults}. 

WOW! This is definitely more than 3-4 lines *hehehe* I have so much more to write and to share but time really does not permit me to do so. I miss blogging I really do. I miss web surfing, TV series and reading and I can't wait to launch my new project {It's a secret!}. I can't wait to finish this major work assignement in Hanoi so that I can begin all this and also finish up my freelance work which is mounting - egad! 

Oh yes, Belle is doing so much better. We love her to bits and she is getting spoiled rotten by the whole family... but she deserves it... she is awesome possum *smiles*

Here's to another fruitful and productive week as well as a blessed and Holy Week. 

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Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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