Saturday, February 26, 2005

More Milk & Fruits

Lately I have been taking more milk and more fruits. Not sure why... I guess this is just some like phase I am going through. I am trying to be healthier - the key word here is TRYING. The Possum is back on Malaysian soil, he just called from Penang. Am going to Zouks in awhile with my malat friends, hope it will be fun. Doubt we will get to hang out like this in the months to come.

Had alot of things on my mind today whilst I mopped the floors and cleaned the house but I ain't got the time to write them all down. I went to the MPH book sale and finally got the whole set of the Chronicles of Narnia - thank you Pa and God for supplying the cash. My pay check hasn't come and I am stressing with the low cash, plus the cash someone owes me hasn't been paid so yeah... kind of broke now...

Anyways hope that tonight will be nice, and that I can wake up tomorrow to go to church. After that its girls day out with my mum. Not sure when I will see the Possum... wish he was coming to Zouks too. Well hope you all have a nice night out. Take care and God bless all of yous... Remember... drink more milk and eat more fruit!!! Oh and pray that the forest fires stop soon!

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