Thursday, February 17, 2005

The MnM's

The Possum's sister gave me three packets of MnM's (bless her) from Singapore which were in a whitish silverish pack unlike the normal yellow one for the peanut MnMs... and when I opened the pack I was pleasantly surprised for instead of the usual rainbow colored array of candies, there were only black and white ones. I have to say it is strange to see them all black and white... looked like they were naked without their crisp candy coloured shells. I suppose you know by now that I am an MnM addict - well I was... I love them... they melt in your mouth not in your hand but they sure leave alot of colour behind!

Sometimes when I have got nothing to do, I would lick my lips and rub the coloured MnM's on my lips and the colour would stick there and I would have like sickly looking lips (specially if I used the blue ones) *grin*. I was also nice cleaning up as I got to lick out all the sugar from my lips. (sorry this sounds a little too... strange?) For my brothers Christmas present last year, I got him an MnM vending type machine. Not really big or anything, but when you pulled this lever, the MnM's would come out (Will try and get a picture!). But MnM's are just devine and you know what... in Singapore (incidently where these black and white ones came from), you have almond ones (which are bloody fantastic) and peanut butter ones (which are alright) which they dont' have in KL... See another reason why I love Singapore. Ok Ok... makes me sound like a piggy... but I hardly eat anymore and I still am putting on weight. Bloody alco I think!

Anyways, just wanted to share with you the joys and simple pleasures of MnM's that most people just pop into their mouth and forget about. The next time you eat and MnM, savour the taste of the crisp shell, the chocolate and then the crunchy nut and the sweetness that will burst in your mouth. Hmmm... they should hire me as their copy writer.

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