Monday, February 14, 2005

This Valentines Day...

The beginning of February for me is always tinged with excitement and anticipation for this is 'the' month when all the special events happen... namely my birthday and valentines day... but this year I had to add CNY and also the Possums and my anniversary. I was happy with anticipation whilst Possum was just thinking of the money he had to spend (poor child!)

Anyways, Valentines Day. I never really honestly had a REAL Valentines Day. The sort with the roses, the candle light dinner and the whole card and gifts thingy and in complete honesty, YES... I want one of those days. I have dreaded Valentines Day for as long as I can remember for it has only forced me to realize that a) I am single this year and b) No one cares enough for me. I also had to write like lists of things to do on Valentines Day when you are single and when you are a couple for 17 mag (the month of Feb) and I really sat down and thought of all the things I would want to do whether I was single or in a relationship with someone.

I remember only 2 Valentines Days one with the malats last year where we had a Hot dog party G's place and talked till like late in the night (I remember we saw some strange looking birds flying in formation) and one with my high shcool sweetheart - we were playing ping pong in his house. I suppose I never really got the REAL valentines day that I and many many others crave, but I still keep on hoping for it. Why? I don't really know.

This Valentines Day was everything I ever wanted. It started of early. The Possum and I were at Souled Out in Hartamas on the 13th of Feb and naturally stayed till about 2am the next day, Valentines Day. Besides getting a lovely red rose (the first rose I have recieved from a boy on Valentines Day that was a bf), I got yummy yummy alcohol to drink. We had to leave early as I had class and Possum had work. After work though, he came to pick me up in the drizzle and of we went to the little Italian restaurant he had picked in Hartamas. A real candle light dinner followed with massive plates of pasta (yums). The meal ended quickly as we were both ravishly hungry. After the dinner, which was pretty alright, we went back to his house as it was his mothers birthday... and we proceeded to play our all time fav game BurnOut 3. I won btw!

His friends called and asked us to join them at the futsal place near Paramount and so we went to see them. Possum couldn't resist the lure of the game and rolled up his jeans and played his heart out whilest I sat and chatted with the other girlfriends of the players that were there. It was fun talking with the girls as we already knew each other and we bitched and gossiped for a good 2 hours. The night ended early as well as Possum had to go to work the next day... before that though, he gave me the hugest Valentine card ever (biggest card I ever got anyways!) and I was so happy... hehehe... All my friends were like "wahhh!" "ohhh" "ahhh" and my girlfriends proceeded to question their poor boyfriends on why they didn't get any cards, whilst the guys were asking the blushing Possum why he suddenly had changed. I was fuzzy all over holding the card which had several photos of us scattered around the card with silver glitter - just the things I like!

At home, I realized that my mental checklist of things for a perfect Valentines Day had indeed been accomplished and as I lay my head on the pillow and curled up under the covers, I realized that this was really a Happy Happy Valentines Day. Thanks Possum... I love you too!

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