Saturday, February 19, 2005

* My 23rd Year *

My birthday literally started of with a big bang. Possum and I were at Alexis in Bangsar having my Tiramisu birthday cake and wine and yum yum alco when there were loud bangs and booms in the sky. Some peeps rushed to the windows looking out on telawi street whilst the Possum and I went to the back of the cafe and looked out through the skylight rooms and there were fireworks. Lovely Lovely fireworks. There were colourful ones, big ones, little ones, ones with golden showers flowing them and ones that went spinning round and round. "Cheers", Possum said "may you have a brilliant 23rd year!"

After the fireworks, we played cards and talked and finsihed the cake and the deliciouse Vietnamese spring rolls and drinks, we went home. The Possum deciede to give me my present and I tore the wrapper of excitedly hoping he had gotten me what I wanted... and he did. Not only was it better than what I had hoped for, it was smaller and lighter and had more memory. I got an MP3 player. Whoppie!!!

For lunch on my birthday, I went alone to MPH in 1Utama, to have lunch and to read. I just felt like being alone and besides, each family member was at work and the Possum was at work too. The other friends of mine had things to do I suppose for there were no invitations for anything the whole day. Anyways, after a yummy lunch and walk round 1U, I went for a meeting at FACES - imagine, a meeting on my birthday on a weekend! But it was alright... meetings there are fun. Possum came to pick me up and I had a choice of where I wanted to go. I said Sunway Pyramid - as one of my fav restaurants was there and this shop that I love too was there. So we went and I had a yum yummy meal with an excellant view of the sunset over Sunway Lagoon.

After that, we went back to the Possums house where his mum had made her famous pan mee. So we tucked in more food. (I really am putting on weight!) I got more presents from his sister and his folks - a cute cute white soft toy puppy, perfume and gold earrings (which I sadly have no use for ... no one notices that I have no pierced ears - they always assume that I do). But none the less they were all wonderful presents and the earrings were actually so ME... if I had to pick them, I would have picked those. They were starfished shaped... so pretty. Pity I wouldn't be able to wear them though... maybe one day...

We dragged out the PS2 again and proceeded to play BurnOut 3 again, though I was itching to play the 2 new games Possum had bought for me. All too soon it was time to head out again. I had to review a club and so I went with the Possum. It was in Hartamas, a club called Dragon Bar which took over Bar Med. It was pretty nice inside though the crowd wasnt' my kind of ppl. I loved the music there too. Anyways, the manager told me to enjoy myself as it was my birthday and he gave me a bottle of Barcadi and proceeded to give me table. The photographer, Andy my friend was there too, so the 3 of us had a good time all to ourseleves. Some of the Possums and my friends came along and we had fun too. So much for working that night!
Anyways, we had to leave about 2am after I had finished the bottle (which really didnt' take that long!) and after I had soaked up enough atmosphere... plus the Possum had to go to the airport the next day, so we left early.

Again in my room after the long day of events, I got to thinking that it was strange how my closest friends (excluding the Possum), were not even there for my birthday and how some of them even forgot to wish me and some even sent me SMS and ecards instead of calling. Have I become so nasty or changed so much or have I just been forgotten and am not that important anymore? My logically mind told me that they probbaly just forget and besides as Possum says "its just a birthday, just another day." But for me a birthday is a day for ones self, a day to be proud that you are still around and that you have come this far and you made it. Sure the other days should be as special, but for that one day, the day that you were done, you should celebrate all you are and all that you will become. Even my family didn't do anything for me and I make myself feel better by saying that everyone is busy and that they do remember and etc. but its hard.

Overall, I honestly had a wonderful birthday with wishes and greetings and wonderful calls from people overseas and people whom I had not heard from in awhile... people whom I had overlooked. It was like a jolt for me. I was being remembered by my normal friends whilst my good friends just forgot. I guess it hurt, you know me... ever the emotional one but its ok... its another day, I wil get over it as I always do though some part of me wished I was that seven year old "She" in her pink frilly dress and yellow hair band with the pink iced cake wiht Mickey and Minnie wishing on a distant star that everyday would be as lovely as this... and suddenly I am happy... happy to be alive, happy that I can breathe, I can smile, I can love, that I have someone who loves me for who I am, someone to hug and most of all I have that wonderful ability to dream and to hope for better things to come... I miss my 22nd year for it was a wonderful year filled with much achievement, happiness and pleasant surprises... but I also know that my 23rd year will be even better!
*Thank You God for 23 years of life when others have had less. Amen*

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f eelin gs said...

Happy belated bday....I didnt know it was your birthday..yeah, may the year be a wonderful and a meaningful year!

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