Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Sweetest Things...

~ Sweetest things I remember ~

* Having a hand to hold when you are sick
* Sleeping like spoons under the comforters in a freezing room
* Sharing ice cream cones
* Having someone look at your while you sleep and upon waking up, it is them that you see when you open your eyes and you hear them say "Just was thinking how much I love you..."
* Sharing the best bits of food together
* Having someone to hold all your stuff for you when you go shopping
* Getting little surprises each day
* Having a surprise breakfast in bed
* Having one day trips out of the blues
* Hugsss when you are sick
* Smiles when you are sad
* Someone singing songs to you (eventhough it hardly sounds like the original song)
* Watching movies together with beer and whisky in the cinema
* Playing hyperbowl like some wierdos with nasi lemak and soya bean for snacks
* Shopping for fishes and having someone to debate about the fishes and animals
* Sharing chuppa chups
* Having someone break the crab claws for you and giving you all the flesh
* Having someone who can immitate the cartoons voices
* Dancing in the moonlight and under the stars
* Having someone ride the monorail with you and actually enjoy it
* Watching foreign films together
* Driving to and from school everyday to pick you and send you home
* Doing chores with you
* Going for mass together and lighting candles in the dark
* Counting the stars at night and trying to find constellations

(I am in a sappy mood now - really think that this is because of the strepsils and earl grey which I am dilligently taking - overdose I reckon!!!)


s4ints said...

Keep searching.. Have faith.. Patience always leads to better things in life.. Rushing it just puts you in more dillemma.. Love is something you can search for your entire life but you might still not find it.. But it's hope that we live on and that's what keeps us going on searching.. And when we find it, we build on it and finding ways of making it work and last forever.. Well at least I think so.. lols.. I hope you feel better.. Having a little mood phase myself..

Panda-wan said...

ah... i'm sure u've found someone to do all this with ya Jo. hang on to it.. enjoy the ride while it last.. happy for u eh. hope to catcha soon.. again. this time i'll try to be sober :p take care now..

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