Monday, August 23, 2004

Just A Recap

Almost half the day is gone and I find myself looking forward to just going home and chilling, to be more precise, I want to go home, have something to eat, on the air-con in my room, get out my books and then curl up like a worm and sleep wrapped up in a cocoon made up of my comforter and snuggle up and read the book.. eventually I will fall asleep and that would be excellent.
Once again my head is pounding to the interesting beat of the Chinese techno music and I really want to just use one of my pillows (the Possum cloud one) and cover my head in hopes that the idiot pounding will stop. Why the pounding you ask? Well, last night after a gruelling 7 hours something of work (and a half an hour break in front of an enormous aquarium munching Arnotts biscuits) I went with my new colleagues to some dinky, smells like cockroaches little pub where you can throw the sunflower seed shells on the floor to celebrate a farewell party for one of the cooks. I didn't want to go really, but thought about it again and decided that it would be better to interact and mix with my new colleagues so that it would be better when we interact at work. The night went well, which explains the pounding in my head now. Possum was not pleased when I reeked of ciggie smokes and whiskey (hehehe.. now Possum knows how I feel).
Honestly, I am rather tired these days and haven't spent much time at home. Just 2 weeks ago I was deathly bored of staying home, moaning about how sick I was and having nothing to do.. and now I find that I have too much do and no time for the simple things in life that I used to enjoy. I have to admit that during this time, I learnt alot not only about myself but about others as well. How they survived and moved on in this world, how people really are, how your friends really treat you when you need help and etc.
These things play around in my mind even now as I sit here in the computer lab and write in between classes. It has been on my mind all this time (since I found out about anyways) and I wonder what I can do to help and cope with these things. No, they are not like killing me and I am not worried about it, but I cant help but wonder and think somemore. Its good though, atleast I can think about these sorts of things when I am in the bus or waiting for the bus - keeps me fairly occupied.
If you read my blog and are keeping up with my little life, then you would know that I wasn't exactly blogging very often and there has been the 'lost' of many things in my life.. I wouldn't say that all the things have been found, though atleast there is a hint, a sort of glimmer of hope I guess regarding the finding of all things lost. Sure not all things can be found again, but atleast some of them are, and for that I am ever grateful and happy and blessed to say the least.
I am also so very thankful that I have had so many wonderful friends with me to get me thru this time of searching (no matter how small, I still remember 'em) whether they leave wonderful comments on my blog (thanks Angelus), or if they buy me food and drinks and have hangouts in the park with me (thanks Shaun), or if they chat with me on MSN during the day (thanks Michelle), or if they lepak with you and talk to you again and again and hear over and over about what happend and watch wierd movies with you and wait for ages while you go for an impromtu interview for your job (thanks Nic), or if they go and yum cha with you and just waste the days away with you just cos.. (thanks G), or if they send you SMS' to tell you to smile cos you have a half way decent smile (thanks Jer).. for those of you that I have not mentioned, sincerest apologies. Thanks for your concern on my well being, it really has touched my heart in many ways.
I have to go now.. wish I could write more. There is so much that I want to upload and unload.. hehehe.. sounds so corny. Anyways, just wanted to say 'thanks' and to wish everyone a wonderful week. I am trying desperately still to get the pounding out of my head.. =) hopefully it goes away soon. God bless all of you and I will hopefully write mores.. Keep the comments comings.. Buhbyes..*

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