Thursday, August 26, 2004

The case of the Good Day..

Today has been a surprisingly good day. I have to say that with the amount of bad shitty days I have had this month, today really makes everything that was shitty and bad, not so shitty and bad. Honestly it makes everything seem fuzzy and smiley and wonderful. *sigh* if only all days were as such. Almost everything seemed to go right today, like it fit. So, you must be wondering what has got me all happy since three quarters of the time I am bitching about how unfair or how sad and miserable my life is.. (What to do, I am human after all!) Today is a rare threat. I am smiling from ear to ear (Yes, a smile that can melt atleast 2 peoples heart - what an achivement!) whilst I type this and am just happily savouring the moment. =) *grin*

Yeah, so this morning.. I woke up on time for once and didn't have to rush to get the bus. I didn't want to wake up the Possum as Possum's generally like their rest and prove insane when disturbed from their slumber. So I packed my huge arse bag complete with 4 text books (what a nerd) and went down for breakfast of a handful of cereal. To my delight, me mums had cooked some yummy pasta thingy with chicken and sausages.. yumyum.. so I got to eat a REAL breakfast *note that it has been some time since I last ate a REAL breakfast!* I consumed the food with much joy and proceeded to walk to the old faitful bus top to get the wonderful 99 Metro bus, but me bro said "STOP, YOU WANT A LIFT?" Whoppie!!! Never have I turned down a ride from someone cos I really dont' like to take buses, especially when I tote around 4 text books and a MASSIVE bag.

Into the car I went happily lugging the Massive bag behind me and all too soon we were at stamford.. So out of the car I went lugging the bag and trying my hardest to balance all the books and up the stairs I went. I reached the computer lab and dumped all the stuff on the floor and went online to check me mails. There were few that I was happy to recieve and another which froze my blood for a bit. THE RESULTS... I opened the email and the document and was so happy when I saw the results.. I was grinning from ear to ear when my friend broke me out of this little 'blur' I was in and said that we were late for class, so I had to hurry and gather the books and bags and log out from the net. So out we went rushing for the lift and I met the admin person and she asked me if I had seen the results yet and I said 'yeah' and she said "Congrats you are on the deans list!" I said 'oh' and said I was late for class and stumbled along with the books and the massive bag whilst in my head I was shouting, WHOPPEEEE!!!

YES.. finally after much writing and moaning about how shitty it was that I didn't get the deans list last sem (read my posts from last time), I finally manage to be in it. *grin* Besides that, (I will shorten the days events as some people find it difficult to read long and boring posts that I write) I also got asked to be in a print ad for Stamford and was commended by the communications director on my article which will be published in the Stamford newsletter. So yes, it has been a good day. I also followed the Possum to fix his windscreen glass and we went to Tesco together (such domesticated bliss) and had Sushu King.. yum yum.. lil octopus'es!!

I also got a ride home from college with my brother and didn't need to wait for the bus, (thank God) as its going home time and the bus is worse than a tin of sardines, more like a plate of spagetthi. Possum is still stuck in a jam even as I type, thats why I didn't get transport in the first place, but luckily me bro was around 223 so he picked me up. So here I am.. happy as a lark. (dont' know why they say that, do larks smile?) Well.. I have got some emails to reply and some dinner to consume (mums food again -yums) and then I go of to watch Alien VS Predator.. ho hum!

*Thank You God for everything blessed that we have today and every other day and those days when we forget and just can't see that each and everything is really really blessed in some little way..

~ DreamWeaver is still grinning as she types this, if you happen to see her, you would think she was slightly insane, but no matter.. this is what happens on Good Days..... ~


Anonymous said...

Dear Dreamweaver,
Sorry to keep this short as it is getting really late (or early?) CONGRATS!!! Wow you did it! You actually got onto the Dean's List! Excellent job! You deserve another drink on me! =) Well, g'night Dreamweaver, i wonder if you're still grinning from ear to ear =)

f eelin gs said...

CONGRATULATIONS my dear...and keep it up!!!

Unknown said...

jika kau fikirkan kau boleh, kau hampir boleh melakukan..jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu, usahamu tidak menentu....jika kau fikirkan kekalahan (kekalahan), kau hampiri kegagalan oooooooo....jika kau fikirkan kemenangan, kau hampiri kejayaan....engkau laaaaaa apa kau fikirkan...terkandung dalam pemikiran....berfikir boleh melakukan...fikirkan boleh!!!

Brian said...

inilah barisan kita, yang ikhlas berjuang. siap sedia berkorban untuk ibu pertiwi. andai kata kami gugur semua, taburkan bunga diatas pusara. kami mohon doa Malaysia berjaya. Semboyan telah berbunyi menuju medan bakti. Selamat hari Merdeka!!!!

Jin said...

COngrats... on getting the dean list and many more. Looks like the wind has finally blowing behind you and guiding you on your way. Laughs....

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