Thursday, August 05, 2004

Betty Crocker I am NOT!

Today I tried to do something nice for Possum since it seems that I never get to do anything for him.. so I decided to cook him breakfast. I am not feeling well, so cooking was some what difficult task considering that I already can't cook for nuts whether I am well or not. So I woke up at 8.30am and began the task of cooking.. and it was one of the most difficult things that I had to do in awhile.. yes yes... please stop laughing.. cooking is not thing that I am capable of doing. You might me wondering what was on the menu, what great dishes I had in store for Possum and me.. well... (drumroll please..) Scrambled eggs, Sausages and Bacon.. yes.. that was all and it took me forever to cook them and well since I was sick, I could't taste anything so I wasn't sure what the taste was like.. *sigh* Well, Possum was very happy when he came, and was touched that I took the troubled to undertake such an adventurous task like cooking for him. Asked him how his food tasted and he commented and said that there wasn't any taste, except one.. and it started with L... hehehe.. how corny. But yeah, I think that will be my last cooking thingy for awhile..

After breakfast, Possum left for college and I was just online checking mails and then I read some of my books and watched a VCD.. and just lamed about. When he finsihed with college, we went to 1Utama to have tea and get some groceries.. (Gawd.. doesn't this scene sound so domestic - it does for me even as I type this down and in some ways its wonderful, but on another entirely different level, I am scared..) Went to his place to play a few games of hyperbowl before going for dinner with my folks (Dad's birthday) and while I was sitting down in the dining hall, the mum gave me a Bonia handbag that she bought for me.. I was surprised but was happy that she even thought of me, much less bought me something.. by the way the bag is nice =) *grin*

Dinner with my folks was good. Possum actually gets along very well with them, even with my brother. After dinner we went back to Possums to play afew more rounds of Hyperbowl and while we played there was one time when I was laughing at something that Possum said that I fell of my chair which provoked more laughter and wheezing on my part.. as for Possum he had a jolly good time laughing about it.. gawd.. so embaressing.. but then again I am used to it - being laughed at for my silly antics.. oh well..

So all in all I guess it was a productive day though at the end of it I felt super sick and just wanted my bed. Abducted Possum's super comfortable pillow (which really feels like a cloud) for my own - and it is mine now! Yipeee!!! Yeah nothing much to write.. so like narrative - arghh... Going to go and sleep nows... nites nites.. I am gonna sleep on a cloud tonight...

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