Thursday, August 12, 2004

Strangest Feelings..

I saw this photo of someone I knew, though that person has ceased to exist in my life (no that person isn't dead - but sure feels like it), and for some unknown I was overcome with his strangest feeling of sadness..? of longing..? of missing..? I don't know how to describe it and I doubt any dictionary would have the word I need.

It got me momentarily shocked so much so I only jumped out of the reverie when I heard the phone ring.. I don't know how much time passed whilst I stared at the photo, I don't know actually what I was thinking to be honest. Just the strangest of feelings kept washing over me.. like I remember the person but I don't.. and in some ways I think thats how it is. I knew that person and now I don't..

I picked up the phone, still staring at the photo and I don't remember what I said, just continued staring at the photo transfixed still.. After while longer staring at something so profoundly numbing to my mind, I closed the window and the photo was gone. I think I am happy that its gone, so that the face doesn't haunt me anymore, but who am I kidding. Now even as I type this I can see the face ever so clear in my mind, whispering to me and taunting me. I think I will go and read now.. before I end, I just want to say that "yes, I miss you too.."

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