Monday, January 16, 2012

"The List"

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The List

1.         Make time to be with God. To pray. To listen to His promptings and to just be with Him.

2.        To live in the moment.

3.        Enjoy and savour my Wedding even if there are so many things that are not in our control.

4.       Learn how to sew something {ornaments, pouches, pillow cases… whatever. Just sew!} 

5.        Launch "The Knick Knack Box" proper

6.       Plan, prepare and photograph items for The Knick Knack Box

7.        Start working on my play lists for Lexy {Lexy is my new Samsung Galaxy II phone}

8.       Think about different kinds of posts for My Little Piece of Heaven

9.       Pack, pack and pack to move into the Love Nest

10.    Get down to a 'friendlier' weight

11.      Get highlights

12.     Perm my hair

13.     Remember to be more grateful for the things in my life – try writing one grateful thing a day

14.    Go to Europe and ROCK it {slight snag encountered but am positive it will be okay}

15.     Remember to document the Europe trip well

16.    Go for at least two local holidays {Cameron Highlands? Langkawi? Malacca? Thistle PD?}

17.     Brush up on my photography skills (see herehere, and here}

18.    Try my best to get rid of the procrastination problem

19.    Get into the habit of handwriting letters / post cards to friends overseas

20.   Organise my photos {soft & hard copies}

21.     Arrange my new reading/ craft room

22.    Endeavour to cook at least once a month 

23.    Try making 12 cakes / cookies this year

24.   Start creating art {mini albums included ~ hehehe} Inspiration: herehere, and here.

25.    Start creating mini albums for: the Trip to Philippines and Vietnam, Project Love Nest, Project Happily Ever After

26.   Look for more fulfilling careers

27.    Backup all my files on the external hard drive

28.   Try a 30/31 day photo challenge {see herehereherehereherehere, and here}

29.   Try snapping a photo a day {this is one awesome project}

30.   Sell all the things I don't quite need

31.     Organise my craft items

32.    Delete toxic people from my life

33.    Bring Belle the beagle out for more walks

34.   Learn more about marketing online, social media and branding

35.    Stop comparing myself to others

36.   Read at least 20 books this year

37.    Catalogue all my books

38.   Stop buying new books {unless I really really need it!} *snickers*

39.   Try my hardest to fit some form of exercising into my week {walking in shopping centres count}

40.   Put at least 15% of my salary into the FD account

41.    Start creating my photobooks

42.   Try to do a facial monthly

43.   Buff my nails at least once in three weeks

44.   Limit my ice blended coffees

45.   Drink more water and tea

46.   Eat more fish, fruit and vegetables

47.   Downsize my wardrobe

48.   Go through my shoe collection and discard old shoes

49.   Catalogue my Eeyore collection
50.   Do at least two MAD (Making A Difference) projects {visiting an orphanage, volunteering at a soup kitchen and etc.}
51.     Search and try new restaurants and cafes.
52.    Just be me!


Yes. It is a very ambitious list but quite a number of things
on it are very everyday things. Things to have a healthier life,
to look more presentable and etc.

There are quite a number of ogranising projects because I will be
moving and stuff and really if you narrow it down, there are not
many real 'projects'  but I think it's plenty to keep me busy.
Of course my OLW "Explore" will be included in this list as well.
Am thinking of grouping the list so that it will make it more
actionable and achievable. Then I will start on some time lines
cos knowing me, it will take forever to do anything.

So here's to a new year.
New beginnings.
New projects.
New changes.

I really feel that this year is going to be
a super duper awesome one!!!
*smiles smiles smiles grin grin*

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Carey Jane Clark said...

Hi there,
So lovely of you to visit and leave a little evidence on your site! Wow. You're ambitious. Hope you're doing well with your goals.

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