Friday, January 06, 2012

Home Office Interiors #5 ~ Donna Downey

I have always been obessive about scrapbook/arts & crafts studios/workspaces. Photos after photos of lovely inspiring interiors have come my way... some eloborate. some simple. some really fancy. some really pretty. some small. some large. some looking pretty expensive and some very functional. You can see some of my previous posts on Home Office Interiors {check under labels} if you want to be inspired a little more.

Anyways, moving along. I was interweb surfing {again} and chanced upon Donna Downey's studio and I just had to share it with all of you in great detail. I like its simplicity and its fucntionality ~ everything has a place for itself here. And of course I was green-eyed jealous when I saw all her stamps, papers, fabric, tools and the like. So, go ahead. Enjoy the pictures below. Hopefully you will be inspired to either a) redecorate your space or b) arrange your supplies a little better or c) go out and get yourself more supplies! Enjoy 
*smiles smiles*

Lovely fabric arranged neatly by colour ~ I am starting to 
like fabric these days *gulps*

Punches galore!!! {would love some of them}

Wooden stamps were organised in many many drawers
according to the type of stamp it was. 
This was one of her drawers for quotes and words!

Another weakness of mine ~ Ribbons. 

A good way to display your books.
The shelf is from Ikea I believe.
Loving the red.

Packets and packets of pretty rub-ons ~ loves.

Everyone needs adhesives.

A corner of her craft room ~ loving the natural light and
functional paper tray and caddy.

Seen @ Donna Downey

So inspired yet?
I am.


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Anonymous said...

So beautiful, functional and tidy...Thank you for the inspiration...time for a reno in my scraproom... :)

kym said...
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kym said...

Reno done...thank you again!!!

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