Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A crazy bride rant

I have been MIA on my blog and it communicating with my penpals and with some of my friends as well and I feel so crappy because I have so many things to blog about... but Project Happily Ever After is seriously time consuming and stressful!!! I have not completed anything a 100%. The invitation list is kinda spiraling a little out of control. The food and canopy for the reception after the church wedding and tea ceremony have not been booked. The flow of the wedding has not been done. Weight has not been lost. Pimples are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. People are driving me crazy with their demands and their antics and their words. And I am ranting like a crazy bride. GAH!!!! 

Panic mode on.

Yet out of this craziness... there are smiles. 
There is excitement. There is genuine happiness.
I just recieved awesome news, my host family from Temora and 
my friend whom I met from my student exchange days from Switzerland, Philip is coming for my wedding!!!
*happy happy joy joy*

I am so excited.
Must focus.
Must get things in order pronto!
Panic mode has to be switched off.

Leave it in God's hands.

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