Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interior Ideas - Christina Re

I stumbled upon Christina Re's website several months ago {read all too soon} and was instantly hooked onto her pretty pretty things. There are lovely journals, patterned paper and all things you would need for lovely wedding invitations and more at Christina's store and I have set up another fund {the Send *DreamWeaver* to Melbourne Fund} to finally get to her awesome possum store.

Besides the love pretty things that are available, there is also the high tea @ Where A Girl Goes that has got me hooked. There are three high tea themes that are available - Sweet High Tea, Gourmet High Tea and CreativiTea. If I were given a choice, I would go for the CreativiTea high tea simply because not only do you get to savour the delicious treats of pastel cupcakes, French-styled macaroons, Belgian chocolates, little savoury bites and cups of tea {I think I would have chosen the Enchanted Rose - French Style Earl Grey} but you get to  also participate in a Gorgeous Greetings workshop!!! *woot woot*

Perhaps one day soon I will find myself at their store nibbling on some delicious deserts while I put my creative juices together to create a card. Yup, one day soon. Can't you just feel it?

While surfing the interweb the other day, I also managed to find some photos of Christina Re's home @ The Design Files and just loved the knick knacks and the elements {whatever I have seen in the photos that is} that she has artfully placed around her home. My favourite is the white mirror in the photo below and the red screen that you can just make out in the mirror reflection! *awesome possum* Definitely something to think about for my home *smiles*

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 

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